About Simon Au

About why I am different than other!

So what about me being in Real Estate? It is not about making money or how to make yourself look like a professional. But it is more likely how to help people to find, look, search or settle down with their new home. Now day there are so many un-professional realtor ruining the industry, however that does not mean everyone of us is bad or greedy monster, but it is to define who is good and who is bad. And I am confidently telling everyone, I am not just only the good one, but also will become the best one to help even more people to understand our job is not just sitting around and make people sign, we have lots of extra work to do, and those all the works are important to every signle one of our clients/friends/families or peoples who are important in your life. I alway tell my clients, "Dont rush into the one and the only one, I understand it is solely your choose, however I am here to show you my profession and want you to have the best choose. You are not buying a cat toy for your cat, if you do not like it, you can buy another one tomorrow and on and on, however we are talking about buying or selling your living place, do you know how important is that decision can impact to your life? " That is why I am strongly staying on my ground to show you my real profession, unlike anyother!


Simon Au



Something about me personally!

Lots of people keep asking me,what do you do other than real estate, and I do lots of other things than your ever though I wouldn't do, for example: I do teach young kid how to do math and english, not only that, I sometimes teach them how to play MAGIC TRICK!!!(If you ever see me anywhere and want to see a magic trick come ahead and I will not only show you, I can teach you if you enjoy it!) What a shock right? i know some magic tricks is because I love to make peoples or kids happy! Beside that I also love to play with my cat, her name is BeBe, you can ask me to show you my cat anytime you want many times you want. I have got lots of client asked me why do youa prefer cat than dog? It is because I am a cat person! And one more thing, I do browse lots of 9GAG for fun.

I speak Chinese(Cantonese) and English, so if you want me to teach you Chinese, I am more than welcome anytimes!