Artist Alley By Lanterra


Artist Alley by Lanterra is one of the most hottest new build for 2017. Located at the heart of downtown on Dundas 234 Simcoe St. between Simcoe and St. Patrick, this project will consist of about 1000 suites in three buildings connected by a retail ground level concoures. Thisb12 meter wide concourse will allow a pedestrian flow through and between the spaces. There will be a 54 storey tower with two mid rise at 22 and 17 storeys, and will be a nice mix of one, two and three bedroom suites. 

Lanterra的Artist Alley是2017年最熱門的新建築之一。位於市中心的Dundas 234 Simcoe St.之間,Simcoe和聖帕特里克之間,這個項目將包括大約1000套房在三個建築物連接的零售地面大堂。這個12米寬的大廳將允許行人流過和在空間之間。將有一個54層的塔,兩個中間升起在22和17層,將是一個,兩個和三個臥室套房的一個很好的混合。

The area has all of the amenities wanted for both end user and investor. It's close to Universities Of Toronto, Ryerson University and Colleges, 4 of most famous hospital of Toronto(Toronto General Hospital, The Hospital Of Sick Chdildren, Mt Sinai Hospital and Princess Margaret Cancer Center), Transit(TTC streecar or St. Patrick Subway Station), Restaurants, Shoppes(Eaton Center, PATH, AMC, and more)

該區域適合自住用戶和投資者所需的所有設施。它靠近多倫多大學,瑞爾森大學和學院,4大多倫多最著名的醫院(多倫多總醫院,SickChdildren醫院,西奈山醫院和公主瑪格麗特癌症中心),交通(TTC streecar或St. Patrick地鐵站),餐館,商店(Eaton Centre伊頓中心,P.A.T.H.,AMC等)

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